What is the best way to drain used oil filters?
Tests have shown that oil will drain better at higher temperatures because it is thinner, so we recommend hot-draining filters soon after the filter has been removed from the vehicle so it is above room temperature.

How long will it take to drain most/all or the oil?
With SabreTooth, most of the oil will drain is as little as five minutes. Filters can be placed on a wire mesh and drained into a receiving container. Ideally, they should be left there for a minimum of several hours to allow even a minimal amount of additional oil to drain after initial hot draining.

What should I do with the waste oil I have collected?
Used oil can be recycled to produce excellent lubricants and other oil-base products. It can also be used as fuel for oil-burning boilers, furnaces and heaters. Once drained, it can be added to the oil collected from oil changes and then sold to a recycling company specializing in the collection and re-processing of waste oil.

Are used oil filters that have been properly drained ready for recycling. and exempt from hazardous waste regulation?
Generally yes, provided the filters have been properly hot-drained, and crushed or dismantled, usually by companies specializing in this. For most auto shops, proper hot draining, and placing the emptied oil filter in a leak proof, labeled container is today a mandatory step.

How quickly will SabreTooth pay for itself?

Depending on the volume of used oil filters produced, SabreTooth can pay for itself in as little as a week or two, when you factor in labor savings, more efficient draining, and the value drained oil filters have when sold to you local metal recycler.

What are my responsibilities as a small business owner in managing used oil?
If your business generates or handles used oil, there are certain good housekeeping practices that you must follow. These required practices, called "management standards," were developed by the EPA for business that handle used oil. For more information go to the EPA web site.