My name is Keith A. Nelson and I have a patent invention. This invention will reduce a major factor in our ground water and soil contamination. My invention is an oil filter drain system, Sabretooth Recycler.

Currently there are several different devices required in most states for the drainage of oil filters. These include crushers and cutter drain systems, which are inconvenient and are time consuming for most service shops to use. Due to the cost and inconvenience, most service shops do not use anything for drainage, thus resulting in oil contamination to the environment upon disposal of these used oil filters.

My oil filter drain system reclaims 15 - 30 gallons of used oil from oil filters a month from my small automotive oil change shop here in Idaho. My business reclaims 450 gallons a month of used oil. Why are we not recycling this used oil for the benefit of the United States instead of relying on foreign assets? Why could there not be two oil recovery plants, east coast and west coast, to recycle oil, make fuel and resale the oil. There are unlimited possibilities that need to be explored here in the United States. There is an abundance of used oil that can be reclaimed by using the oil filter drain system tool in automotive shops across the United States. Who knows, one day the United States could resale the recycled oil back to another country.

The majority of oil filters have a check valve which keeps oil filters 50% full when changed. My invention will solve this problem of oil drainage and keep the environment safe for our future generations. Why wait 30 years to find out our mistakes? ACT NOW. This invention is an oil filter drainage system which has been tested and works! This drainage system insures a 98% drainage of an oil filter into an environmentally safe container and, best of all, it is safe, quick, easy to use and inexpensive. I have worked in the automotive oil change business for the past 25 years and know how the left over oil from oil filters is currently being spilled back into the environment and not reclaimed. I am certain this system will make a difference in our environment and could also be used to reclaim recycled oil for a fuel resource for the United States. Please watch the movie presentation on the front page of this site to see just how easy this solution can be.